Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Get Free Corel Paint Shop Pro X License Legally


Hello everybody,

First, i have to say thanks alot to my friend ccl0 from Wincert and the original source: Slickdeal Forum for the info

I'm sure most people already know about this "famous" software, Paint Shop Pro has often been lauded as an affordable Adobe Photoshop alternative, as it's also cheaper. Here's the free offer from Lexar memory card (thanks alot). Yes, you can get the free Corel Paint Shop Pro X license legally. Not the latest version (X2) though but hey, it's still a free legal giveaway for us lol, not much different. At least just for your "legal collection" or FYI again hehe

This is actually the FULL and working version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X (with a "promo" nag screen and reminder though, but it can be easily removed by a simple trick below, so don't worry). There are multilanguage versions (English, Japan, Espanola/Spanish, Deutsch, ). To register: select your country, enter your information, and you will be provided with a link to the software download.

This version is even better than the retail edition because:

- No serial number or activation required. It is a standalone copy which you can use forever

- This version (v) is Xp and Vista compatible (the retail version (X) goes only up to v and has some issues in Vista)

OK, here is she:

- Free Registration and Download Page (Note: the size of installer is about ,71 Mb: English, Japan, Spanish, Deutsch):


(You need to enter your name and email address before you can download the software there)

Updated: Since the offer has expired, then maybe you can try this new direct download link (thanks to my friend ccl0 4 the info):

- After downloading and installing it, here are the steps to remove the annoying "promo" nag screen/reminder:

1. After installing, close the program and open the following file in Notepad/Wordpad/MS Word:
C:&#;Program Files&#;Corel&#;Corel Paint Shop Pro X&#;PCUUI&#;
2. Erase all the text, replace it with the following code (copy and paste):

<script type="text/javascript"> location="pcucmd://Cancel?confirm=no"; </script>
3. Save it.

That's it. I hope it can be useful for you guys, or at least yeah just FYI as i said hehe. cheers and cya


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Edited by AMIRZ, 14 April - PM.

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, Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Activation instructions for Corel PaintShop Pro

This article contains two sets of instructions:

1. I already have theproduct installed on my computer -

2. I do not currently havethe productinstalled on my computer -

Please follow the instruction set for your current scenario.

I already have the product installed on my computer -

If you already have the product installed on your computer, you may use your serial/purchase key to activate the program.

  1. Open the product and then close it.
  2. You will get a dialog with a button titled "Already Purchased? Click here to enter your serial number."
  3. Click on "Already purchased?". Enter your serial number and click "Connect".
  4. You will get a confirmation asking if you would like to Save or Print your activation information. Choose your desired option.
    • If you get any errors or have problems activating the product online, follow the instructions below:
  1. Disconnect the computer from the internet (with dial up accounts, just disconnect the dial up connection. With broadband accounts, disable the network connection option by doing the following:
    a. Go to Start | Control Panel.
    b. Double click on Network connections (if in Category view, click on Network and Internet Connections, and then on Network connections on the following screen).
    c. Right click on the Local Area Connection icon and choose Disable.

If you have any problems with the above procedure, an alternate option is to physically disconnect the Network Interface Cable from either the back of the computer or the HUB that it is connected to.

  1. Launch and close product again
  2. Click the Already Purchased? button. Enter your serial number.
  3. Click on Phone Corel.
  4. You will be offered an Installation Code and your Key with a blank Activation Code field.

Contact Technical Support online at either by submitting a question or clicking on the Get Live Support Icon.

  1. Provide Technical Support with the Installation Code and Key and you will be provided with an Activation Code that can be used to unlock your product.

I do not currently have the product installed on my computer -

If you do not already have the product installed on your computer, you will need to download the program prior to activating it. There will be two different places you may download from:

Download Instructions:

  1. You will be directed to a Order Confirmation page with a link that says Click to Download just after your order has been completed.
  2. You will be emailed an Order Confirmation Email with a link that says Click to Download.
  3. Click on the Click to Download link on either your Order Confirmation Page or in your Order Confirmation Email.
  4. Make sure to keep an eye out for any pop-up blockers that may be triggered by your browser or internet security software.
  5. You will be offered a File download dialog. Choose to Save the file.
  6. Save the file to a place you know where to find it such as your Desktop.
  7. Once the file has been downloaded, double click the file's icon to initialize the program's install.
  8. Follow the install wizard to install the program. You will be prompted to enter your serial number.
  9. Use the Serial Number provided on either your Order Confirmation Page or in your Order Confirmation Email.
  10. Open the program and then close it. Follow the instructions provided above underI already have the product installed on my computer - to activate the program.

Keywords: activate; activation; install; launch; use; download; trial; ESD

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Paint-shop-pro-x-10-retail serial key or number

Looking for Jasc Paint Shop Pro?

PaintShop Pro is the best alternative to Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Released in , JASC Paint Shop Pro was a powerful and flexible graphics editing software. This easy to use application was created by Robert Voit under his software company JASC (Jets and Software Company). The first version was just a basic picture converter between BMP, GIF and PCX formats. In the later versions a lot of tools were included in the application. JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 was a significant upgrade. This version allowed easy retouch, repair and edit options, automatic photo enhancement and much more! The trend was continued in its later versions JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 and JASC Paint Shop Pro 9. Corel acquired JASC in and renamed JASC Paint Shop Pro to simply PaintShop Pro. PantShop Pro or popularly known as PSP is one of Corel’s most premium products available. This awesome application has all of the features you loved about JASC Paint Shop Pro and so many more.

Top reasons to upgrade from Jasc Paint Shop Pro

  1. NEW AI Artifact Removal
  2. NEW Sea-to-Sky™ Workspace
  3. NEW AI Style Transfer
  4. ENHANCED Photography Workspace
  5. NEW Creative content

Access free valuable resources when upgrading from Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Discovery Center

Learn new skills and find creative inspiration from Corel's Discovery Center. Find photography tips, tricks and tutorials.
Learn more


Video tutorials introduce you to key features in PaintShop Pro so you can master the application quickly.
Learn more

How-to Guides

Short step-by-step written guides on the most common photo editing tasks.
Learn more

PaintShop Professionals

Learn from the Pros, talented photo and design enthusiasts who have excellent PaintShop Pro skills and a willingness to help others improve their skills.
Learn more

Photo Blog

Check out our official blog to stay informed about the photo editing software you love. You'll find how-to articles, profiles and interviews with community members, development updates and more.
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General Photo Editing Tutorials

In-depth written tutorials help you understand key photo editing concepts in and out of PaintShop Pro.

Learn more

Get all of the old features you loved about Jasc Paint Shop Pro and a whole lot more when you upgrade to the latest version of PaintShop Pro.

Give PaintShop Pro a try today!

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